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August 20, 2012
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   You sighed and rolled over onto your side, away from the living room, burying your face in your pillow. Strewn across your couch was a very pitiful looking you. Your hair a mess, beads of sweat rolling down your forehead and neck, you coughed and your head throbbed. This was the third day of staying home sick. You felt too awful to call Germany to let him know you were bed-ridden despite his many attempts to get in contact with you. You knew he'd be mad, but he can deal with it. Missing training for a few days wouldn't kill you.
   Rolling back over to reach for your glass of water on the coffee table, the annoying sound of your ring tone pounded at your head. You groaned and felt around for your phone, only wanting to silence it rather than see who it is. As you pressed the "Silence" button and set it down, you stared at the phone and your curiosity got the better of you, and you checked your call history. It was Germany. You sighed.
   "Doesn't that guy ever take a break?" You asked yourself, carelessly tossing your phone aside. You turned your attention back to the television, watching an old cartoon since nothing else was on. You were on the verge of blissful sleep when your phone buzzed your leg. One new text message. You cursed under your breath. You knew it was Germany, why couldn't he just leave you alone? He was always ignoring you, even when you tried to get his attention, so why is he being so persistent?
   You wouldn't lie to yourself, you have had a gigantic crush on the German ever since the Axis accepted you. You had tried getting his attention every way you knew. At first you simply tried to talk to him, but it was hard to get a good word in with him, he was so quiet. You tried ignoring him, nothing. You tried getting Italy to talk to him for you, but Italy would just go on about pasta and forget what he was originally saying. After a while you just finally gave up and accepted that he wasn't interested.

   Your phone rang again. You let it ring as you took out your mp3 player and put the head phones on, listening to your current favorite song, closing your eyes and drifting back to sleep.

   You awoke again an hour later. You yawned, straining at your sore throat. You reached over and grabbed your phone. Five new text messages. All from Germany.
   "Jesus, it's only been an hour! Someone's head better be on fire.." You mumbled as you opened your inbox.

From: Germany
Subject: Where are you?

You've been gone for three days without a word.  Where the Hell are you?! You had better have a good excuse as to why you've been gone!

   You groaned. You read through the texts, all saying basically the same thing.

   Except for the last one.

From: Germany
Subject: No Subject

I'm coming over there right now.

You mentally cursed, tugging your head phones out of your ears. When did he send me this?! You looked at the clock and the time on the text, about twenty minutes ago. Crap! He'll be here any minute!! And I look like I got hit by a truck! Before you could even think, your front door was being slammed open by a powerful arm, only to be shut again in a few moments. Germany strode in, calling out your name.

   "____? Are you in here?" That thick German accent echoed across your house. You groaned again, letting him know you were there.

   "Over here." You choked, your throat a raspy mess.
   You saw him walk in out of the corner of your eye, and suddenly you felt a thick wave of nausea wash over you. You felt the color drain from your face and Germany hurried to your side and took your hand.
   "Mein Gott, frau. You look terrible." He put his gloved palm to your forehead.
   "Gee, thanks." You growled, a sharp edge of sarcasm in your tone. You then realized his hand was on your forehead, feeling for a temperature. You felt your face heat up even more than it already was, sweat budding at your upper lip. The color returned to your cheeks quickly and he pulled his hand away. You instantly missed the feeling of his cool hand upon your forehead.
   "You're burning up…" He mumbled, You could've sworn you had seen a flicker of concern in his icy blue gaze. Your thoughts were cut short by another intense wave of nausea. You moaned, and sat up, looking around for your trash can. You spotted the familiar black plastic sticking out from the receptacle and went to grab for it. Another wave of nausea caused you to stop and suppress a dry heave. Germany watched you curiously for a moment, then realized you had been trying to grab the trash can. Germany took the trash can and set it in front of you, sitting himself down to your right.
   "Thanks.." was all you could utter before another wave of nausea shot through your body. You gripped the edge of the trash can, holding back vomit as you spoke. "What… What are you doing h-here?"
   "Well, I was- I mean, Italy and Japan were worried about you a-and um… pestered me to come and check on you." If you knew one thing about Germany, it was that he was a terrible liar. He struggled to keep a straight face as you turned to look at him.
   "Right. And did Flying Mint Bunny carry y-you here?" You shot him a look of sarcasm, your face slowly growing back to a pale color.
   "Alright, alright. I was.. Worried about you. You hadn't answered my calls or texts in three days. I thought something terrible had happened to you." He paused, blushing. "It scared me."
   You stared at him.
   "W-well, I'm fine. I-I mean," you paused for a bit to regain your composure "I'm not dead, just sick. I th-thought I'd just tell you after I felt better. It was only a few d-days." You burped and groaned again, saliva dripping from your lips. Germany took your hand and squeezed it tightly, taking you by surprise.
   "You should've told me sooner, I would have been here…" He only squeezed your hand tighter as you let your hazy eyes rest on him.
   "I thought you.. You wouldn't have cared." You slurred out. Germany looked you in the eyes, rather serious.
   "Of course I would have cared. I lo- I mean, you're-you're an important friend of mine. It pains me to see you like this. And you were alone like this for three days…" Germany suddenly held you close. You lost control and felt the rush of bile shoot up your throat. Your hand quickly jolted to your mouth to keep yourself from vomiting on him. He noticed and pulled away quickly. "Ah, s-sorry frau…" He blushed deeper and put a hand over his mouth, embarrassed. You shook your head and ducked over to the trash can, vomiting up your previous meal. You coughed and hacked as the taste of bile ravaged your mouth, it stung your throat like nothing else. Sweat rolled down your head.
   God, why does he have to be here now?! Why does he have to see me like this? Why couldn't he have just left me alone?! You have never felt so embarrassed. Although, you felt relieved that he cared. You felt a kind of warmness in your chest, you were glad he had shown up. As you slumped over the trash can, you felt Germany place his hand on your back and gently rub up and down. The warmness only grew. You heaved yourself up and gave a weak smile.
   "Th-thank you, Germany."
   He smiled back. That was it. That smile you longed for every time you came into contact with him. It made your heart skip a beat, and now was the first time it was directed at you.  The butterflies beating inside your stomach didn't help at all, and again you bent over and vomited into the trash can. Germany patted your back and waited patiently. You heaved yourself back up and leaned back into the couch. Turning to him, you mumbled,
   "I must look pitiful right now. I'm sorry you have to see me like this." Germany took your hand again and played with your fingers.
   "Nein, it's alright. For a sick person, you look rather nice." He smiled.
   "Did… did you just compliment me?" You asked in shock. All he did was look at you for a bit.
   "I'll be right back." He said gently as he got up and walked into the kitchen.

   A few minutes later he returned with a damp wash cloth and a fresh glass of water. He sat down next to you and gently laid the wash cloth on your forehead, handing you the glass of water. The warmth inside of you grew even more.
   "Thank you… but you know you don't have to do this." You looked up at him with weary eyes. Germany took your hand once again.
   "Nein… I want to." He leaned forward and planted a small kiss on your forehead. "Ich liebe dich... I love you." His icy blue eyes stared you down. You felt as though you would explode.
   "I love you too, Germany… I have ever since I joined the Axis." You wanted to smother him in kisses, but you knew you were repulsive at the time. Germany rested his forehead against yours.
   "You have no idea how happy I am to hear that…" He wrapped his arms around you, and you rested your head on his chest, smiling like a little school girl. As you relaxed in his arms, he spoke.
   "I'm sorry for ignoring you. I just couldn't bring myself to talk to you, every time I tried nothing would come out of my mouth." He held you tighter. "I don't ever want to lose you…". You felt like you were dreaming, and returned Germany's tight embrace, wrapping your arms around his neck. After a moment, you decided to pull away. Germany looked a bit disappointed.
   "I don't want you to get sick…" You let your gaze fall to your fiddling hands. Germany took the wash cloth from your head, wiped off your face, and then bent down to press his lips to yours. Wide eyed, all you could do was sit there and let your emotions run wild. Germany took your face in his palms, and then hastily pulled away.
   "Then we can be sick together."
I can't write when I'm sick, but I had so much inspiration and I just kind of forced this out. Jesus Christ, I am so sorry it's so cheesy and predictable and UGH.
it's fluffy though. that's the only good thing. otl

i really should practice my writing more often.

well, here you go.

Germany/Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
You (c) Germany
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